10 Tips for your First Fitting

Many of you may not know this, but Double Wing’s very own president, Melissa, is getting married this summer! Being an event planner and planning your own wedding definitely ups the stress levels, however, everything has gone smoothly thus far. She is currently preparing for her first fitting in 3 weeks and wanted to share some tips with everyone about what you need to know for your first fitting as well.

#1 – Before your first fitting you want to make sure you’ve tried on and purchased your bridal shoes and undergarments. If you don’t bring the shoes you want to wear, a change in the height of the heel can make your dress too long or too short. Same goes with the lingerie, if you opt for a padded bra, then switch to no padding, your dress could fit improperly. Make sure you speak with a professional about the type of fabric your dress is so you can determine if you will need to wear a slip underneath. Nothing is worse than walking down the aisle and having your dress bunch up between your legs!

#2 – Also before your first fitting, you want to make sure you have picked out and purchased all of your bridal accessories that you want to wear with your dress. Items including your veil, headpiece, shall or wrap, your jewelry, and a purse or a bag. That way when you try on your dress you’ll get the whole look; you’ll be able to tell if the necklace you picked complements the dress or if the headpiece is distracting.

#3 – Your first fitting should take place 4 to 5 months before your wedding date. This ensures you have enough time for as many alterations as you may need to get the perfect fit.

#4 – You want to make sure you bring your mom or maid of honour, someone who has worthy attention to detail. They can help give you advice on how everything looks or point out areas of the dress that need alteration.

#5 – During your first fitting, make sure the dress is the right colour you ordered, that it’s the right design, and of course that it’s the right size. Take notice of your seamstress, does she know what she’s doing? Once you’re in the gown, she should begin looking for areas where your dress needs to be shortened or lengthened, let out or taken in. Are there any areas that are bunching up or bulging out? How does the stitching look? Is the beading or embroidery well-sewn? Don’t be shy, if something doesn’t feel right, ask the seamstress to adjust it to your liking.

#6 – Schedule your second fitting before you leave the salon. This should be 2 to 3 months before your wedding date. Again, this gives you time to schedule a third fitting if things are still not quite right.

#7 – For your second fitting, again, you want to bring everything you brought to the first fitting. Your veil, slip, jewelry, shoes, lingerie, etc.

#8 – Make sure all of your concerns from the first fitting have been addressed and fixed. Was that weird bunching up at the hips thing fixed? Are all your beads and jewels intact? You’ll want to move and walk around the boutique to get a feel for the dress. Can you move and walk comfortably? Does your dress stay in one place or does it move around? Does the hem of your dress skim the tops of your shoes? Again, if there’s something that doesn’t look right, point it out to the seamstress! This is your day, this is your gown; you must be completely satisfied.

#9 – Before you leave the salon, schedule your final fitting. This should be 1 month before the wedding date. Ask your mom or your maid of honour to accompany you to learn anything they need to know about your dress. Does your dress have any intricate buttons or straps? Will your dress need bustling? How should you get out any last minute wrinkles – an iron? A steamer? What products can you use on your dress in case of any spills or mishaps? Make sure you ask the salesperson and learn how to do all of these things before the big day.

#10 – Picking up your gown. Make sure this is at least 2 weeks before your big day. Try your dress on one last time – breathe. The month before the wedding can be a very stressful time for brides, so much so that you can even lose some weight! Take this time to determine the fit, is it a little loose? You still have time to adjust the dress.. or your diet! Before you leave the salon with your beautiful gown, make arrangements for your dress to be preserved as soon after the wedding as possible. If you want to showcase your gown in a shadow box, or have it for a keepsake for your future children to see, preserving your gown will keep the fabric from breaking down over time. If you are heading off on your honeymoon directly after the wedding, ask your mom or your maid of honour to take care of it for you.


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