Who’s behind Double Wing Productions?

For our first blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves to you. Who is behind Double Wing Productions? Rhonda Fergusson and Melissa Lavender!

We are a mother-daughter duo who, through many years, have found our passion in event planning and public speaking. Since I was just a little girl we have been side by side helping to plan, prepare, promote, and produce events for community sports teams, Girl Guides of Canada, local businesses, and many more; Rhonda planned and executed the very successful Baturyn Craft & Bake Sale for ten years!

In September 2013, we decided to enroll into Special Event Management courses through NAIT. We both knew so much about the industry but, felt there was still so much more to learn. We completed the certification program and went on to launch Double Wing Productions in July of 2014. Since then we’ve been on a learning curve; spending time identifying our niche and what we should be specializing in, attending various networking events to meet others in the industry and to spread the word about our newly founded company, and defining both of our roles within the business.

Our first year was quite an incredible experience, both of us became more aware of our strengths and potential. We are confident in our mission, our values, and the services we offer. We are still learning more about our opportunities in the industry, as well as, what we can do to change it for the better.

We decided to start blogging our journey – what we’ve done and what’s up and coming, in addition to, new trends in the industry.

We hope you enjoy our stories, experiences, and our insight!



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